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Tampa Pesonal Injury Lawyer

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Tampa Pesonal Injury Lawyer

Who is Atty. Edward Reyes?

I am attorney Edward Reyes, the founding partner of the Law Office of Edward J. Reyes, P.A. My law firm’s mission is to provide representation to our clients in any and every area of law. Before opening the Reyes Firm, I owned a healthcare facility that primarily cared for patients who had been injured due to the negligence of another person or corporation. I had the privilege of meeting and helping thousands of people not only recover from the physical pain of their injuries, but move on with their lives so that there would be a recovery of the whole person— not just the injuries. In 2004 I became a real estate broker while still the owner of the healthcare clinic.

After selling the healthcare facility, I enrolled in law school and simultaneously re-activated my real estate license. My goal was to graduate from law school and use my past experiences in healthcare facility ownership and real estate sales to open a law firm that would offer my clients all of the benefits of past work experience.

Opening my own law firm after graduation, rather than taking the traditional path of work at someone else’s firm afforded me the unique opportunity to utilize my life’s work experience to help my clients with their every day legal problems. My primary goal was to help people—all people—and opening my own law firm gave me the freedom to help people the way I wanted.

I am so proud to be an attorney who has the opportunity to combine my legal experience and career background to help my clients in any area of law they may need.

Call my office today at 833-4 BAD DAY for a free consultation. I look forward to helping you with your legal needs.

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